Root Canals

Root Canals


Root Canals in Huntsville, Alabama

The term “root canal” seems frightening, but the team at Healthy Smile Huntsville makes every effort to get you dental care with less of the pain. 

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal extracts the pulp from the central part of your tooth, reshapes the canal and fills in the center with a strengthening filler. They are necessary when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected and decayed to the point beyond what a filling can repair. Dr. Brown performs root canals to preserve the tooth and retain its original integrity, thereby saving the tooth when in the past it would have been pulled.
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The Process

-Patient is anesthetized to calm his or her nerves and allow for a pain-free experience
-Damaged tooth is isolated
-Tooth is opened & pulp is removed
-Tooth is cleaned & canal is reshaped
-Filling, made with biocompatible material, is placed into the tooth
-Access is covered to prevent further decay

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